Terms and conditions

Here are our Terms and Conditions:

1. Availability 

Availability of a product is clear to see. The products will be marked SOLD OUT if we are out of stock of that particular item.

2. Prices 

Prices will be displayed on the product. All discount codes have an expiry date, and will no longer be of use after that date.

3. Delivery

The delivery time depends on where you are located. We pride ourselves on shipping worldwide and therefore include in your confirmation email how long it will take to arrive and a tracking number as well.

4. Payments 

We accept payments through PayPal or Direct Debit Card.

5. Refunds 

Refunds can only be credited through PayPal and within 7 days of purchasing the item. For more information on how to get a refund on your item please email us at: hello@shoprelatable.co.uk.